The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Ductless-Split HVAC System

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Ductless heating, ventilation and air conditioning (or Mini-split) systems have been in use for quite some time and they are renowned for their quietness, ease of use, and efficiency. However, they have their various pros and cons which must be considered.


  1. Relatively Sizeable

In comparison with a window unit, a ductless system is just slightly bigger. This type of system is made up of one outdoor unit, two (2) or more indoor units and a controller. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by a refrigerant pipe and line of cables. The indoor unit is quite thin and long and it is often mounted on walls, doors and windows.

  1. Easy to setup

The installation of a ductless HVAC system is pretty quick and easy. The first step would be to mount the outdoor and indoor units and next is to connect the electrical lines and the refrigerant. All of these will be completed in less than two hours and you will be able to cool or warm your room with your newly installed ductless system.

  1. Sound Proof

Are you tired of noisy heating and cooling systems?  Then a ductless system is your best bet.

  1. Energy Efficiency

A ductless HVAC system or Mini-split system is more efficient and effective than most known HVAC systems. With the absence of ducts, less leakages occur and more air is supplied to your home. This feature makes your home eco-friendly and also, it saves energy.

They require a small amount of energy to function, thereby, saving you utility bills. Ductless HVAC systems do not turn on and off like traditional heating and cooling systems rather, they slow down and speed up. With a ductless system, zoning is achievable and they can be controlled using individual thermostats.

  1. Less leakages

Unlike ducted systems that are very susceptible to blockages and air leaks, ductless systems are way more efficient. The presence of blockages such as debris and dirt make it harder for an HVAC system to cool or warm your home efficiently. Without ducts, no blockages occur and little or no air is lost.




  1. Regular maintenance

A Ductless HVAC system requires more maintenance than most other systems. The filters in the indoor and outdoor units must be cleaned on a monthly basis else, dirt will accumulate and cause complications. It is also important that you bring in certified HVAC professionals to check, clean and repair your system. A neglect of routine maintenance can shorten the service life of your system.


  1. A wrongly placed and sized ductless HVAC system can offset the unit’s efficiency.


  1. A major disadvantage of the ductless Mini-split HVAC system is its cost. The price ranges between 1400$ to 2500$ for each ton of cooling capacity which is twice as much as that of a window unit and 30% more than central heating and cooling systems.


  1. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find qualified ductless HVAC system service professionals because technicians prefer to work on duct systems because they want to recoup their investment on larger equipment for duct systems. This makes HVAC contractors recommend ductless systems less to homeowners.
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